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Saving Our Sons And Daughters

After 30 years working with women and children survivors of domestic violence, youth in and out of home placement, incarcerated adults, mentally ill and chemically addicted individuals; people in some of life’s saddest situations, Rev. Singletary sees hope, So sad situations can be transformed! Our sons and daughters in out of home placement can be saved from the limiting futures of inadequate education, incarceration, and resolve to an early death. She brings to the table over three decades of Volunteer, Professional, Pastoral and Networking experience that inform the reason for her hope.

There are dedicated individuals on the front lines, and concerned individuals on the side lines. Collectively, we have the money and the means, but there is a missing link. SOSAD creates a strong line to connect the two for more impact and positive life changing outcomes.

For more information contact us at klsomic@gmail.com.

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